How to Activate Windows 10, 100% work

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Your computer or laptop appears a warning that says Activate Windows? That means you haven’t activated the Windows 10 you’re using. To get rid of the warning, then you must know how to activate Windows 10 on Home, Pro, and Enterprise offline and permanently.

Activating the Windows 10 operating system on a computer or laptop requires a product key. 

You can get a Windows 10 product key by buying it legally on the Microsoft website or on the Original Retail DVD Box. But unfortunately, the price of the product key from Windows 10 may be quite expensive for some people so they can’t buy it. And the question is, is it possible to activate Windows 10 without buying a product key?

Here are some ways to activate Windows 10 offline or online, starting from without using a product key, without software assistance, only with cmd to activate Windows 10 on Home, Pro, and Enterprise versions.

KMSPico is one of the windows activator software that is quite popular in various circles. Many Windows 10 users have succeeded in activating their windows using the help of this software offline and without a product key.

Here’s how to activate Windows 10 without a product key:

1. Download the activator software at the link here
2. Then extract the file. Right-click KMSpico and select Run as Administrator.
3.Wait for windows 10 activation to finish
4. Sound notification complete indicating windows is active.

Now windows 10 on your laptop or computer has been permanently activated. You can use this method to activate Windows 10 Home, Pro, or Enterprise editions.

In addition, you can also activate other products on Windows 10 such as Microsoft Office which includes MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and others.

Note: If one day windows has expired, then you can use the above guide again. Also make sure you have disabled the antivirus on your laptop or computer before trying this tutorial


KMS auto lite windows 10

KMS Auto Lite is a Windows 10 activator which is also quite popular besides KMSPico. This Windows 10 Activator is very easy and able to activate in Pro, Enterprise, and Home Single Language edition.

Here’s a guide for activating windows 10 offline:

1. First, download the Windows 10 activator here.
2. Then extract the files in the ZIP file.
3. Select the KMS Auto X64 folder for Windows 10 64 bit, or the KMS Auto folder for 32 bit.
4. Then, run KMSAuto.exe with Run as administrator.
5. In the Home screen, select the Install GVLK option, check the box Forcibly and then click the Windows key.
6. Then the Key Installed Successful sound will appear.
7. Next you have to activate Windows 10 by selecting the Activation option and then clicking the Activate Windows button.

If you managed to activate Windows 10, then you have to restart your laptop or computer. You can also use this software to activate Microsoft Office without a product key.

Note: If you fail in the process of activating windows 10, try to turn off the internet network and antivirus first. Then try again the tutorial above.

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Windows 10 Product Key Collection

Windows 10 product key

The simplest Windows 10 activation is to enter the product key manually. You can use this method if you don’t want to use third-party software as an activator.

How to activate windows 10 without software

1. Take a product key here.
2. Click the Windows logo in the corner of the screen.
3. Then enter the Settings menu.
4. In the Settings menu click the Update & Security option.
5. Then click the Activation menu. Click Change product key to change the key in windows 10.
6. Enter your Windows 10 License or Product Key. Click the Next button then the windows activation process will run.

Those are the steps to activate Windows 10 with a product key, very easy, right? For this method, you must be connected to the internet.